it was an honor to be invited to witness and photograph beau and brian's very small ceremony in their current home. beau is a dear friend of mine that owns her own jewelry company. koonyai studio. you may have heard of it. we met because another good friend thought we could be friends - and she was exactly right. they were engaged around this time last year on a day just like any other. beau described her appearance as "the worst" and even though brian hinted, she refused to change out of her pajamas just to go walk the dog. he proposed on their walk and it was perfectly perfect. beau reached out shortly after giving me the news and telling me she wanted me to be there. of course I would be. 

beau and brian's wedding plans changed quite a bit, and when they finally settled on the idea of just sharing their commitment to one another, with only a few close pals as witnesses - it stuck. their wedding day was similar to the day they got engaged. beau got ready in their bathroom with the help of her girlfriends (who also made the bouquets right beforehand) and after moving a few furniture items around, we were ready. justin, a close friend of beau's, married the two on an early saturday afternoon in january. the weather was surprisingly pleasant. beau wore heels. brian cracked jokes. we took photos in the brisk 40 degree weather. we celebrated with champagne. the day continued with good food and conversation between the people that mean the most to both beau and brian.