interpreting and spinning moments in life + love into compositions that provoke. intoxicating ideas.

honest moments.

a unique approach to photography that produces images that express mood, behavior, and truth. nicole is a visual explorer of culture in the midwest and beyond.


I don't pride myself on being the best writer. Especially when it comes to writing about myself. However. I am a great photographer, in a sea of great photographers, doing what I feel I am meant to do. Which is to create memories for you through photographs.

My love for photography is what shaped my career taking photos for couples getting married, businesses with a message to share, and parent’s welcoming a new baby into their home.  When you mix your career with your passion everything seems right. My photography work is for me - a moment with friends, an aging building that strikes me, or my daughter on a hike for the first time. The kind of images that end up printed in photo albums for family and friends are what got me started sixteen years ago. I love photos; tangible memories.  Being able to stop time is a powerful tool and I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m obsessed. I find I’m at my most creative behind a 35mm or medium format camera. The time spent waiting for my film to develop and come to life ignites my imagination and keeps me pushing.

On weekdays you can find me either at home or out and about with my four year old daughter. In the evenings I am either home with my family cooking dinner together, playing games and reading. Weekends I like to stay busy between working at my studio space and spending quality time with friends and family. I also collaborate often with other artists in the city, producing content for an endeavor of mine: Maidens Magazine. I love beer. I lived in Germany for a year and a half before deciding to "become a real wedding photographer" and I grew to worship the stuff. Especially a good Hefeweißen. A few other things I love: my daughter, nitro cold press, plants (I have many), printed 35mm images, chocolate chip cookies, Scandinavia, rollercoasters, music, and traveling.

On weddings…

The best moments captured are those which happen organically, and are not attempted to make perfect. I aim to document your day exactly as it is. All the perfections and imperfections that occur during that very important day for you to cherish for the rest of your lives. I believe in harnessing natural light, finding the right composition and background to document your wedding day. Allow me to tell your story through images you and your family and friends will remember for a lifetime.