// portrait sessions //


- 1 hour of shooting at client's location of choice (within 10 miles of the Twin Cities)

- online gallery of retouched photos for sharing and online print ordering

*** maternity sessions are included in this price *** 


// headshots //


- 5 - 10 professional head shots for resume / website / portfolio - 


// extras // 

∆ film ∆  

- $100 per 36 picture roll of 35 mm film shot


 // F.A.Q. //

  1. Why choose to add film to my session? Film is a passion of mine that I rarely see used in everyday portraits. I love the raw, grainier look of film versus a digital image. Film is a beautiful and refreshing change to the modern day style of shooting. 
  2. How many images can I expect to get?   During an hour of shooting I can guarantee my client at least 80 images. I tend to overshoot since I love capturing the unexpected moments.