interpreting and spinning moments in life + love into compositions that provoke. intoxicating ideas.

honest moments.

a unique approach to photography that produces images that express mood, behavior, and truth. nicole is a visual explorer of culture in the midwest and beyond.

- cool and kind words someone once wrote about me


I don't pride myself on being the best writer. Especially when it comes to writing about myself. However. I am a great photographer, in a sea of great photographers, doing what I feel I am meant to do. Which is to create memories for you through photographs.

My love for photography is what shaped my career taking photos for couples getting married, businesses with a message to share, and parent’s welcoming a new baby into their home.  When you mix your career with your passion everything seems right. My photography work is for me - a moment with friends, an aging building that strikes me, or my daughter on a hike for the first time. The kind of images that end up printed in photo albums for family and friends are what got me started sixteen years ago. I love photos; tangible memories.  Being able to stop time is a powerful tool and I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’m obsessed. I find I’m at my most creative behind a 35mm or medium format camera. The time spent waiting for my film to develop and come to life ignites my imagination and keeps me pushing.

On weekdays you can find me either at home or out and about with my four year old daughter. In the evenings I am either home with my family cooking dinner together, playing games and reading. Weekends I like to stay busy between working at my studio space and spending quality time with friends and family. I also collaborate often with other artists in the city, producing content for an endeavor of mine: Maidens Magazine. I love beer. I lived in Germany for a year and a half before deciding to "become a real wedding photographer" and I grew to worship the stuff. Especially a good Hefeweißen. A few other things I love: my daughter, nitro cold press, plants (I have many), printed 35mm images, chocolate chip cookies, Scandinavia, rollercoasters, music, and traveling.

On weddings…

The best moments captured are those which happen organically, and are not attempted to make perfect. I aim to document your day exactly as it is. All the perfections and imperfections that occur during that very important day for you to cherish for the rest of your lives. I believe in harnessing natural light, finding the right composition and background to document your wedding day. Allow me to tell your story through images you and your family and friends will remember for a lifetime.

"Having Nicole as the photographer for our wedding was an absolute dream from beginning to end (I wish it didn't have to end). We were planning our Wisconsin wedding from Washington, DC, so we had to put a lot of trust and faith in the vendors we selected even though we had never met or worked with them. From day 1 working with Nicole we knew we made the right choice. She was responsive, helpful, fun and instantly understood 'us.' On the day of the wedding, our entire wedding party, friends and family all fell in love with Nicole just as we had, and we knew our photographs were going to be amazing...we just didn't know how amazing. She captured all of the emotions and beauty and moments of the day we wanted, and then so many more we could have never dreamed of."

Cam and Jason

"I have ALWAYS been a huge admirer of Nicole's talent and style, especially in film. Her laid back energy calms you when you are in front of the camera, giving you her trust that she will capture those small, intimate moments. Her final product is always stunning, and leaves you extremely happy. Working with her as a co-worker and vendor, I have all the trust in the world that she will get exactly what she needs done for clients, and they too will love their final product. Boudoir, engagement, wedding, or professional photos, she's your girl."

Laine Futterer of Laine Palm Designs

"Thank you, Nicole, for taking such precious care of capturing sweet and sexy memories on our wedding day. Your quick and artistic eye caught so many amazing shots that we will treasure for years to come. You managed to capture us and our essence, the energy within each unique moment, and the spirit within each of your subjects during your shoot on our wedding day. We will be recommending you to friends and family. We offer humble thanks for having you part of our special day in such an intimate way."

Kristin and Patrick Hoover

"Nicole is a wonderful photographer and a delight to work with! She is professional, extremely creative and fun. She is amendable to ideas but will also bring her own thoughts. She captures those "real" moments in people and in life. We have used her for years and have always been beyond pleased with the end result. Would highly recommend."

Lisa and Tom Zell

"Easy to work with. Amazing Pictures. Absolutely love every picture she took. Easy database to download from. Couldn't of been happier. We found her on Instagram, and she is cutting edge with a classy eye. The pictures are beautiful! Highly recommended and hope to work with her again."

Yleana Baggenstos

"My husband and I have both admired Nicole's editorial work for years, so when we got engaged booking her to shoot our wedding was a no-brainer. Her artistic talent is matched only by her grace and chill demeanor (a character trait that is an absolute godsend on your wedding day, let me tell you!) We received our photos within weeks of the wedding, and are still just giddy over the moments she captured."

Julie Carroll

"I cannot recommend Nicole Feest of NYLONSADDLE Photography enough. We found each other through Instagram and we have since become colleagues and fast friends. I have assisted Nicole on several weddings and I can attribute most of my growth as a wedding photographer to Nicole because of having witnessed the way she cares and exceeds expectations of clients throughout a wedding day. She goes above and beyond what is expected and makes everyone (including myself) feel special and comfortable. My sister was recently engaged and Nicole was the only photographer that I recommended because I know that every wedding that she commits to she takes seriously and carefully. Nicole is an exceptional photographer and you should feel comfortable and confident putting your photography needs in her hands."

Lindsey Kusterman

"I lost count of how many times my husband and I gasped, laughed, and sighed with awe as we went through each image of our wedding day. When it came to the ceremony pictures, we played our processional song on our speakers to get the full effect. I am not exaggerating, we were both blubbering messes. Just SOBBING with joy.

We are SO thankful for Nicole for capturing the feeling, the joy, and the truth of our favorite day. We are so in love with our images. She was wonderful to work with, and I can't recommend her enough!"

Amanda and Bob Knudsen

"Above and beyond our expectations as our wedding photographer. Nicole was very easy and fun to work with. All of our bride/groom photos felt natural, and she captured how we felt together, as if we were alone. When we got our photos, the day vividly came back. The photos of us, our friends & family, the details of our wedding were better than we remember them.

The best of the best."

Chris Dignan


| wedding packages |

 starting at $3,000

(reach out to receive my investment guide)

| engagement |


 | portrait sessions |


(includes families, new mamas, newborns, business professionals & boudoir)

  1. | headshots |

$75 - $150

How long have you been photographing weddings? Is there a reason your packages start at $3000?

I have been photographing since I was a sophomore in high school. I began photographing weddings in 2012 and started my business in 2014. I prefer to book less weddings a year in order to put a healthy amount of time and energy into each and every couple's day. I will never understand wanting to find the best deal for your wedding photographer. Aside from the memories and possibly a wedding dress, your wedding images are one of few things from your day that will last forever. For most they are the memories we pass on to family and friends, our children and our children's children for a lifetime. Why skimp on something timeless? Being a wedding photographer means I will always believe the images are the most important part of the day. 

Approximately how many final images can we expect to receive in my gallery?

You can expect to receive anywhere from 650 - 1100 images in their gallery. This is dependent on the amount of time I booked for a wedding, of course.

How do you deliver the final images?

Your images will be delivered digitally through an online gallery only accessible by you and whomever you choose to share it with. Your high res images are able to be downloaded (by the couple only) with one click. Your gallery will remain live and online for ten years. 

Who will receive rights to the final images?

The couple receives shared rights with the photographer to all final images. The photographer reserves the right to use images for business promotion and advertising. With the couple's permission, I may also choose to blog your wedding on my website or submit it to another blog or magazine.  

When can we expect to receive our completed gallery?

You can expect to receive your gallery 6-8 weeks following your wedding date. 

Do you suggest booking an engagement session?

Always! However, I respect when couples have friends or family that are offering up a session or would like to gift them an engagement session. I like to think of my engagement sessions as longer hang outs where we get to know one another doing one of your favorite activities as a couple. I'd obviously have my camera in hand but I can promise you that after 20 minutes in you won't really notice or care. I love to visit couples in their home, where they are most comfortable first, before heading out on an adventure. 

Do you retouch/color correct every image delivered?


What type of equipment do you shoot with?

I use a Canon Mark IV as my primary body and have a Canon 6D as my backup. I have a small and strong collection of lenses. A Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art Series, Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art Series, Tamron 90mm 2.8 Macro, and a Canon 50mm 1.4. I also bring a flash with me to every wedding in case I am in need of additional lighting. I typically do not take out my flash until dancing begins. 

Do you suggest hiring a second photographer? What are the benefits?

It truly all depends on your wedding. The number of hours you'd prefer me to be there, the number of guests and the size of venue. I work with a small group of photographers who also primarily shoot weddings. When I bring a second photographer along with me you can expect to receive approximately 25% more images in your gallery. You will have two sets of artistic eyes behind lenses and I think that is quite a benefit. However, I have photographed many weddings solo and love it just the same.