these two. first of all. I never thought I'd be lucky enough to photograph this unique couple's wedding day. but I am. and I was even lucky enough to capture them on camera modeling as tommy hilfiger models circa sometime in the 1990's. young love. that was what emily hoped would be represented in these images of them as a couple; about to make something that has been concrete for so long a bit more. forever young love. together for twelve years (on and off) living what emily says feels like "three separate lifetimes together." casey spent six of those twelve years on tour. I told you they were cool. oh and in case it kills you to know whether or not casey observes emily while she pours hot water into her mug full of tea... no. he normally does not. that was a request by their photographer who needs to learn a lot about getting couple's comfortable in front of her lens. but let's not consider what could have been staged and instead love on these images of two creative cuties in love and newly engaged.