I've been waiting awhile to post Nora and Matthew's surprise brunch wedding. Partly because I will compare my writing to Nora's (who is an actual published writer) and also because there is too much to write about these two. This isn't their first marriage. This marriage was planned in a few short weeks after they decided to do things the easy way for close family and friends. Nora and Matt are kind and creative and successful and unique. Matt is in a band and Nora has a very popular podcast ("Terrible, Thanks for Asking" in case you didn't already know) and is pretty much best friends with Mandy Moore at this point. If you know Nora IRL or know her through social media you know Nora. You know her past, present and will continue to want to know her future. You will definitely want to read the next book she writes. 

I am still pinching myself to have been lucky enough to photograph their wedding day. It was a day full of balloons, children, confetti, games, laughter, bagels, donuts and a dog. I hope these images make you feel like you were right their with us celebrating love and family and life. All help is listed at the end of this post. 

JUMPSUIT: Banana Republic

BALLOONS: Girl Friday Creative

CONFETTI: Leonetti Confetti

DONUTS: Angel Food Bakery

BAGELS: Bruegger's Bagels

COFFEE: Five Watt Coffee

OFFICIANT: Meghan McInerny

HAIR: Moe Richardson