gather collective

Gather Collective Studio

On Friday the 12th of July I had the privilege of photographing an event for two women I barely knew. Kati is a local painter/creater/writer sharing a studio space with Lindsey; a designer of all things. After calling this large open space their home a couple months ago and creating art in the space for about a year, they decided it was time to celebrate with friends and family. Thanking them for their continued support and influence in their busy lives. Live music was of course included as well as food and drinks for the whole gathering. Drinking out of mason jars arranged neatly in a bookshelf was a nice touch.  Lynn O'Brien began the long set of tunes, followed by Dibigode and lastly Porch Knights. It would be smart of you to follow the rest of Kati & Lindsey's adventures on their blog, Gather Collective