meaghan & chris engagement

I get butterflies when I meet new people. nervous, anxious butterflies that have always been and probably always will. I am not afraid of meeting new people nor do I not want to - it must just be the fear in finding something we can connect on. moving past small talk about the weather and chatting about remembering watching are you afraid of the dark on snick as a kid. or laughing over the experiences we've had as first time parents to a child who is less than a year old. however in good ole minnesota fashion let's get back to that statement about the weather. it was no doubt the weather shifted dramatically yesterday after our 86 degree sunday. so when meaghan sent me a message only an hour before asking my opinion on the weather and saying "if you're ok with it so are we!" - her enthusiasm regarding the brisk, windy weather is not found in all us women and for that I knew this was still our day. some of my favorite wedding photographers reside in scotland, ireland and iceland so this evening deemed the perfect evening to embrace my favorite style. we photographed right before sunset in a park in northeast. we even made it to the historic neighborhood on the nearby island and took a quiet stroll before heading back over train tracks and ending in a perfectly wind-filled spot next to a massively beautiful tree. these two carry such a noticeably positive energy with them and it transcended to me during and after our session. I am a million times thankful to be photographing their intimate wedding celebration at a local dunn bros. next month. I'm loving on this session so much and couldn't wait to share.